Top 5 Apps For Entrepreneurs

Today I will tell you the top 5 apps which you can use as an entrepreneur. I will mention that these apps are also available on desktop as well as android. So you can use these apps also on the desktop. 

1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the best apps that you can use to help delegate your tasks, schedule appointments, and really just structure your day. Now a great thing about Google calendar is that you can actually connect multiple Gmail addresses. So you whether have appointments or Emails coming in from different Email addresses, You can allocate it to one calendar. Another great way to use this app is to even send calendar invites when you book appointments. So, Let’s just say for example that I have an appointment with someone at Starbucks tomorrow at 2 P.M then I can invite him by my google calendar and another one also can add this to their calendar. 
And that way nobody will forget. Now, this is not only for the entrepreneurs but if you work nine to five and you are a student again I highly recommend this app. You can schedule or structure your day by google calendar easily.  Another great task of google calendar is that you can also share your calendar with your family or significant one. 

2. Planoly

Planoly is an app that you can access on your computer and your phone. And it pretty much plans your Instagram posts. Now you think I’m crazy that I say it but digital marketing is a way to grow your business. And you do not want to think about a post that day you actually want to plan out your whole Instagram post possibly for the following next week or two or even more for months.
So, Planoly is the app where you can schedule your Instagram posts and actually build your feed before posting on your Instagram. It helps you stay organized with your captions, organize the colors and color palette, or even the way you want to structure feed as a whole. It is much pretty easier to use.

3. Mojo

Mojo is actually an Instagram story app that you can only access unfortunately on your phone. But it really makes cool animated stories. So, when I have a new Instagram post that’s coming out on a specific day then I just quickly go on this app called mojo and make the photo into an animation where it just says new post and you can make it black and white or you can make it like some more sort of cinematic. 
There’s a lot of templates that are completely free and if you want to go some extra features then there are paid version of this app where it gives you a lot more creative tools.

4. Slack

The slack app is just like WhatsApp where you can build group chats whether it’s your team or employees. You can also build the sub-threads under the group chats which is very familiar to discord.
Slack is fully encrypted and fully private and your data will not share with big platforms like Facebook or Instagram. It is a free app and also can access your desktop. It makes things smoother.

5. Yahoo Finance

There’s a lot of apps that show you the stock market and give you numbers but personally speaking after using many different platforms, Yahoo Finance the app it’s very intuitive. It’s immediately updated by the second and you know exactly what’s going on in the market when the market opens. 
It also shows you the post-market updates and articles on the exact stock that you are following. So, you are always up-to-date on any stock that you have added to your wish list.
Not only, but you can also build your full investment portfolio on the Yahoo Finance app and you can also track it over there it’s a great way to just keep your eyes on the economy and watch the stock market growth.