Top 4 Shopify Alternatives 2021

I know a lot of people that make money from e-commerce and they sell things online. Shopify is really the most popular way to sell things online whether that’s drop shipping selling your own products retail. I will tell you about top alternatives from our experience to Shopify and they could be from one of the different reasons now the reason I did not say exactly what the critical flaws. Different things holding you back from using Shopify. It could be flexibility, price, lack of SEO, templates, or blogging. I will suggest you top 4 alternatives of Shopify that could fix the problem for you. 

1. Big Commerce

If you want to sell things online but don’t want to use Shopify then Big Commerce very easy recommendation because they offer and deliver pretty much everything Shopify does. But it is slightly different than Shopify.  It is a very easy alternative to Shopify and it is something that is trusted by a lot of major brands out there including ben and jerry camelback, Harvard business publishing, etc. It is a very popular choice alternative to Shopify. It is a straightforward way to get started in e-commerce. The best benefit of BigCommerce is search engine optimization (SEO). The SEO tools have to help you rank on google so that somebody can search for the product and find your store and then can buy it from you. It’s just one of the big features of BigCommerce. 


It is a little bit more specific if you do not want Shopify because you find that it is limiting, expensive. WooCommerce is the plugin of WordPress and WordPress as you might have heard powers more than one-third of the internet which means that tons of websites out there are using WordPress. There are a ton of different plug-ins you can have massive blogs. I think The New York Times for example is using WordPress. You can build the website on WordPress, when you build the website on it you have a ton of versatility, a ton of options for where it’s hosted, where your load speed is going to be what your SEO  is going to look like, and just infinite versatility. You can also customize your website. The biggest benefit is that WooCommerce is a free plugin of WordPress that allows you to sell things and really manage your store very well. Once again, The benefits of woo-commerce are free plugins and where you have a major amount of versatility plugins and you can do anything you want on WordPress plugins and you can choose your own domain host.

3. Squarespace

If you want to make an online store but you don’t want to go through the complexity of making a larger store and you have just one or two products to sell and you want to do it simply then you can use Squarespace. And the second reason is that if you might sell things online but maybe it’s not your main purpose, maybe you want to have a podcast but you also want to have a merchandise store, maybe you are an influencer or creator and you just want a little merch store online either of those reasons would lead you to Squarespace. This is a fantastic alternative to Shopify because it is very versatile. It is really aesthetic you can have professional websites and it’s really easy to use. You can set up your website, you can drag and drop any templates. Squarespace has a lot built into it and you will not worry about different things like SSL and domain. Squarespace is great for Influencer.

4. Square Online

We choose Square Online for two different reasons. The first one is that it is the cheapest or has the lowest overhead on this list like it’s literally free, the second reason of the square online on this list because if you are a physical retailer if you sell things in person but you also want to sell things online and you want a nice hybrid where all of your payments go through one service. All your inventory is tracked with one service then square online is a great option. There are two plans of Square online which are free plan and paid plan. If you want to sell things on large scale you should choose a paid plan, it is a little expensive but once if you sell things regularly then it will not be too much cost for you.